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Student Challenges


Third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders compete at the ELA and MATH Olympics. Students participate 3 times for each ELA and MATH challenges. The questions are asked in jeopardy format. After all ELA and MATH Challenges are completed awards are handed to the students in the top 3 classes. Bronze Medals, Silver Medals, and Gold Medals. We also ask parents and teachers to join in and answer questions. A class will be randomly selected each round. The teacher of that class will choose a student to select the category and point value for that round.

Rules: The M.C. will read the question as it is being shown on the big screen. Upon completion, each teacher will then select one student to go to the class’s designated white board at the stage. That student will write the answer on the white board provided, then turn the board over when done. At no time should any other student be out of their seat or calling out answers. The M.C. will direct the students to reveal their answers. At the same time, the correct answer will be revealed on the big screen. Any student with the correct answer will be awarded the question’s point value for their class. Score will be kept by a designated score keeper on a board located in the front of the auditorium visible to all participants.


Students from Kindergarten through grade 6 show off the skills they acquired during the past month in PE class. Every month the students are taught different games and skills. At the end of the month we host a School wide PE challenge and a Grade wide PE challenge. Every month a different grade is selected to showcase what they have learned the past month. We encourage parents to come and witness what your child is doing in Physical Education class.