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School Procedures & Policies


            Regular attendance is the key to good scholarship. Frequent absences can have a serious effect on a child’s learning. Most of a child’s instruction follows a sequence, and absence will break the continuity. As required by the New York State Education Department, all children are expected to attend school on every school day. In the event of your child’s absence, please adhere to the following:

  1.       Telephone the main office of the school.
  2.      When the child returns to school, a note to the child’s teacher must be sent from home giving the date of the absence and the reason.
  3.      If a student is absent for more than five (5) days, a doctor’s certificate is required and must be presented.
  4.     When it is necessary for a student to be absent for more than five days due to serious illness or injury, please contact the school nurse.


            If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday please only bring in cupcakes or nutritional closed packaged foods. Absolutely no candles. Before sending in any items we ask that you consult with your child’s teacher first, to ensure that any child with medical conditions e.g. food allergies are safe Thanks for your understanding.



In order to maintain a positive learning environment, it is expected that [school] students dress in a professional manner. We expect [school] students to be dressed appropriately to ensure safety and to keep the focus on teaching and learning. We would like all parents and guardians to remind students of proper dress protocols on campus.
Prohibited forms of dress at [school] include, but are not limited to:

1) Hats or caps (except headwear worn for religious observance).
2) Clothing that contains references to drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, racism, or gang affiliation.
3) Clothing that does not provide coverage of the torso, undergarments, and private body parts, including see-through garments of any kind.
4) Flip-flops.
5) Sunglasses while indoors.
If a student comes to school wearing clothing prohibited by the Dress Code, then the student’s parents will be notified, the student may be subject to the interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the Discipline Code, and the student will be expected to make appropriate adjustments to his/her clothing to conform with the Dress Code (e.g., turning the shirt inside out, borrowing temporary clothing until the end of the school day, etc.).”
 Please let me know if you have any questions and please advise me when the dress code is ready to be reviewed.

Gym Dress Code: 
Proper sneakers/tennis shoes must be worn during physical education
Pinning Ceremony:
Spirit Wear Polo Shirt and slacks




Door opens at 8:00am School starts promptly at 8:10am. All Students from grade K-6 will go straight up to the classroom every morning. Teachers will receive students in front of their designated classrooms.

All students grades 3-5 enter through the playground. Grade 1&2 will enter from Auditorium Door located on Grand Avenue. Early Childhood Pre-K, K and 6th grade arrival door is located at the back of the playground. 


All dismissals are on Grand Avenue. Pre-K and Kindergarten dismissal door is located in the back of the school yard by the playground. 1st and 2nd grade dismissal door is located as the same door they arrived. 



            The Federal Law requires a lunch application for all students. These forms must be filled out every year and all questions must be answered by the parents/guardians. Students are eligible for free breakfast and free lunch. In January 2019, we started "breakfast in the classroom" program. The program is based on scientific research that links to children's nutrition with improved academic performance and psychological well-being. 



            The purpose of homework is to extend and review lessons taught in class. It helps children to learn responsibility and to think independently. All homework must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian. In the event of an absence, the student is responsible for making up all class assignments.


All students are to arrive at the school in time for morning line up. All students who arrive after 8:10am must enter through school yard where they will be marked late. The Late door will remain open until 8:30am. Students who come in later then 8:30am are to report to the main entrance desk for a late pass. Any student who is late three (3) times during any marking period will require a parental conference.



Parents who are late for dismissal will come in to the building through 57th avenue main entrance , students will be in the cafeteria waiting for approximately  15 minutes before being moved to the main office and having parents called .Whomever comes to pick up the students must be on the emergency card and have proper ID.



In an effort to promote school spirit and leadership qualities, we are providing opportunities to purchase P.S. 58 School Spirit Wear. We will have light sweat jackets, sweatshirts, sweat pants, t-shirts, hats, scarves, polo shirts, and button up shirts with the P.S. 58 logo on it. These clothing items will be worn during various school events, such as, awards ceremonies, Olympics, monthly “Dress for Success” events, school performances, physical education, and excursions.


We ask guardians to sign a consent to photograph, film, or videotape a student for non-profit use. Photos will be used on our Website, social media pages, flyers, and or booklets.



Permission slips must be filled out and signed prior to any trip. Due to the fact that fees charged for the trip are payable in advance, these fees are nonrefundable. Students must conduct themselves in a responsible manner same as they are expected to act in school.



Pre-K Stepping Up Ceremony and Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony are taken place in the child’s designated classroom. All are welcomed to attend. 6th Grade Graduations take place in the auditorium 2 tickets are available for each students family member. After any graduation we encourage parents to spend the day celebrating with their child.



Report Cards are given out three times a year. The first marking period ends in November and the report card is given to the students just before Open School Week. The second marking period ends in March just before Spring Conference. The last marking period ends in June and the report card is given out on the last day of school. You can access students’ report cards as well as attendance on their account.