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We are located in a community of diverse backgrounds where we are presented with the educational task of providing students with worthwhile, meaningful experiences that will be necessary to become productive citizens.  Our school’s mission is to enable and ensure that each and every student will strive and achieve academic excellence as well as develop an appreciation of the fine arts. We truly believe that all children can and will learn. We will accomplish this mission by providing the highest quality of education addressing the academic, social, and emotional needs of every child. PS 58 has the distinct vision to provide each student with the ability to successfully master the rudiments of learning, as well as, instill and appreciate a love of knowledge.
We look forward to celebrating with you the achievements of our students!

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Remote Learning Day 2/13/24

Please be advised that due to inclement weather, Tuesday, February 13th, 2024 will be a remote learning day. We will be following a similar schedule to our normal school day. Students should be signed on to their Google Classroom Meet by 8:10am to be marked present and begin instruction.
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Principal's Message

PS 58 School
This is my story…
Our school dream and shared vision is to promote safety of students and staff in school while enabling and ensuring that all students will strive to achieve academic excellence and teachers become effective leaders. Effective teachers will move to highly effective through peer coaching, mentoring and collegial inquiry. We will build upon students’ dreams and personal experiences (Social and Emotional) to provide a safe learning environment and to make proactive and positive change in local, district, state and national decisions affecting the improvement of teaching and learning. In turn, teachers will make a concerted effort to ensure opportunities and culturally responsive teaching for all students to be reflective dreamers promoting differentiated instruction to increase the rigor of learning through ongoing collection and analogies of data. Hence, we will be fostering, enhancing and supporting student rigor within and outside of the classroom; ultimately, ensuring a differentiated teaching environment for students to achieve their dreams by providing innovative approaches to improving learning through appropriate technologies while continuously monitoring evaluating and reviewing the needs of students.
In alignment with District 24’s vision, we too, have high expectations as a team for all students to succeed. At the commencement of each school year, I will guide my staff, students, and parents to reflect on their dreams and set goals for the new school year. This practice will enable students take their experiences and channel it towards their dreams. This practice approaches the study and practice of leadership from the perspective of human experiences and fosters active leadership inspiring all stakeholders. In turn, effective teachers will move to highly effective teachers making a concerted effort to ensure opportunities for all students to be successful by focusing on engagement which is the centerpiece of the framework of teaching. This focus will affect and promote higher student participation, foster active student leadership, and engage parents in becoming part of the learning process, thus promoting active leadership, shared vision for the school and community, and preserving integrity, fairness, and ethical beliefs in and out of school. Towards the close of the year, “dreams” will be revisited and adjusted as needed to review a new course of action the following school year.
This magazine was designed to prepare you with the knowledge of how you and your colleagues can learn, understand, acknowledge, and be inspired by the wholesome advice given to ensure our children’s dreams come true by improving quality of instructional practices and student learning. In addition, you too can transform your view of each child by looking at him or her from a variety of perspectives. Dream it, Learn it, Live standing stronger….together.
Adelina Valastro-Tripoli