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Reflections come in different forms. We reflect as simply as looking in a mirror, viewing photographs, recalling memories, and as complex as a teacher auditing his/her professional behavior, knowledge, skills, and abilities. This year our school priority focus will be to reflect on embedding culturally responsive teaching and learning, and highlighting social justice as we cultivate our dream makers in becoming peacemakers.

This is a time when we “dream” ...As you know, a dream represents a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal. Where we take our dreams and set our goals to form a bond towards social justice as we build a bridge and evolve into global citizens spreading peace around the world.

So... here my story continues...
Hopes and dreams that cross my path make an imprint in my world. Here I can take my

dreams, and learn to love and respect everyone as I set a path to becoming a leader of creating the peacemakers of the future.

Learning about peace is one of the most critical ways that we, as a nation, world, and people can foster a culture that diminishes the need for peacemaking and peacekeeping by developing and cultivating a forum that teaches people how to interact with individuals emulating respect and understanding of each other’s viewpoints. Peace education creates an environment to promote and activate conflict resolutions reinforcing the underlying value of respect for human rights, freedom, and social liberties. “A great teacher is a peace educator by instinct, making students introspective and sensitive.” Establishing lasting peace is the work of education. Collectively, educators, parents, and societies hold the power to teach our children the importance and value of spreading peace in the world. Our future is dependent on how well we nurture the best qualities of children where they can instinctively empathize, respect, and become compassionate citizens expressing understanding and acceptance of others and celebrating everyone’s differences.

Our charge as a pioneering school community is to plan, develop, and implement a peacemaking journey that highlights the measures we need to take to become peacemakers. We can then educate our children to be the bearers of peace; in so doing, our students will embrace each day by living, learning, exploring, and discovering our world. The knowledge our children acquire and the choices they make will surely create a spectacular life of peace and tranquility for all of humanity to follow.

This peace-seeking endeavor of creating peacemakers among all of us must be accomplished by creating a strategic plan of action whereas we not only believe in the cause but internalize our total physical, social, and emotional being in addressing this human action.

To this end, our goal as educators is to provide the highest level of peace education practices for our children and school community. Our school namesake PS 58, The School of Heroes, speaks to the leadership our school will set for other schools to follow. The students of PS 58 strive for excellence and achieve it. We will achieve this goal by modeling for all to see how one voice, one school, one dream, can touch the lives of many across the world by lending a hand, developing a plan, creating a vision, giving back to the world, by making a paramount difference.

Ever since I was a little girl I always remember and cherish the words of John F, Kennedy, “I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children – not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women – not merely peace in our time but peace for all time.”


 peace dove

Dream makers to Peacemakers

Dear Parents and Guardians,
A leader of peace is a person who is admired and idealized for their vision and noble qualities. People we look up to, people we admire, people who embody characteristics we value...these people are our everyday leaders of peace.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was brought up with family conversations and teachings about the impact of John F. Kennedy. As a new citizen of the country, my mother found JFK to be very influential in her new American way of life. She shared her new experiences through phone conversations with my grandmother in Italy. Through the years, I was brought up with the spirit that family means F-foundation, A-attitude, M-meaning, I-inspiration, L-love, and Y-yearning.

Here at PS 58 our American Spirit is to provide everyone that we touch with a pathfinding experience that lasts a lifetime. As a culturally responsive school, we need to invest in our children and their future... just like my parents who modeled for me and my brothers by touching our lives...how fortunate am I! The path of education, freedom to work, and ability to achieve is there for everyone to grasp, reach, and obtain. Spreading the message of unity, peace, living, and experiencing the American spirit.

“Imagine, discover, create, plan, explore, create more...always live your life shooting for the moon as it is orbiting the earth, our planet’s only natural satellite providing us the ultimate power of collecting information for communication, then when you arrive reach for the luminous lights in the night sky, reach for the stars.”

–Adelina Valastro Tripoli



Adelina Valastro Tripoli Principal