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Students will learn various Italian vocabulary, verbs and Italian culture by: Learning songs, playing games, speaking with classmates, celebrating various Italian Holidays, class trips, and Reader’s Theater


Italian Monthly Events

September– Kick off – We kicked off the year in Italian style.  Reintroduced basic Italian and discovered Italian updates.

October– Italian Heritage (Grades 4,5,6) – Class 6-314 opened the show by singing the Italian National anthem.  Class 5-321 performed a play about Christopher Columbus’ coming to America.  Class 4-318 sang the Columbus song which represented Columbus’ arrival in America on October 12, 1492. 

November– Traditional Harvest Festival – Students in grades 4-6 performed a play in the classroom about the Harvest Festival.  Students in grades 1 – 3 performed a dance to the Mela song.

December– In classroom presentation – Students in grades 1 – 6 learned how Italians celebrate holiday customs in Italy.

January– Fairytale Theater – Class 3-303 performed the play, “Cenerentola,” Cinderella in Italian.  Class 4-328 performed, “I Tre Porcellini,” The Three Little Pigs in Italian.

March–Carnevale Show – Students in grades 3 and 5 will be performing plays about Carnevale.  They will teach the audience a dance to celebrate Carnevale.

March – Zecchino D’Oro Grades 1-3 – Exploring and performing an international children’s song festival competition where the winning group is rewarded with the Zecchino D’Oro.

April–Sanremo Show Grades 4, 5, and 6 – Learning popular Italian songs for a competition amongst students.

 May – Italian Game week – Discovering how children interact with their peers while learning and playing these popular games: Tombola, Memoria, Pictionary, Strega Ghiaccio, and Regina, Regina Bella.

June – Culminating Exit presentation – “Si Va in Gita” – A play about a field trip to Venice, Florence, and Rome.