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English as a New Language

Academically Supporting ENL Students

As a practice, ENL teachers push into a classroom during a content area lesson. The ENL teacher ensures that ENL students receive enriching content-area, age-appropriate instruction through the use of various ENL methodologies. Content-area vocabulary, materials, books, supplies, visuals, technology, and assignments are incorporated and adapted according to the students' levels of English language development through our engaging content-based instruction.

Vocabulary support is given to our ENL students within all levels. Materials included to assist and support ENL students include: ENL centers, content-area vocabulary, bilingual dictionaries and glossaries, monolingual and bilingual picture dictionaries and glossaries, monolingual and bilingual picture dictionaries, picture cards, and technology tools. Students are provided flexibility in producing a response to the material, thus demonstrating the students' comprehension of skills. Mini assessments and teacher observations are used on a regular basis in order to help monitor progress and understanding of content area in ENL students. Reading and writing checklists, word lists with correlating visuals, and next steps are suggested to ENL students on a regular basis for personal academic growth.


Socially, Culturally, Emotionally, Behaviorally, and Physically Supporting ENL Students

In order to meet the social, cultural, emotional, behavioral, and physical needs of our ENL students, P.S. 58Q ensures ENL students are socially and culturally supported by participating in a wide variety of activities. Students attend expeditionary trips outside of the building and continue to develop social skills by interacting with, and speaking to teachers and peers, as well as participating in small group activities and lessons. Wednesday mornings are dedicated to social/emotional lessons. Teachers assign new ENL students a “buddy” to help with social and emotional support. The students can bond culturally with other students from similar backgrounds to share experiences and stories. This aids in the acclamation of the student’s daily schedule and school environment. Teachers make connections to the ENL students’ background within lessons and create a starting point, gain trust, and build confidence; thus the ENL students feel welcomed, motivated, and confident.

In addition, social and emotional support is given by P.S. 58’s Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Wright. The counselor is available to communicate with any student having difficulty adjusting to the New York City educational system and their new educational environment. The guidance counselor will work with each student to generate a profile that will include emotional and affective factors which impact learning. ENL students, including SIFE students, receive language-appropriate testing through our School-Based Support Team in order to screen for learning disabilities.